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Amherst Brewing & The Hangar

For this client, I wwas approached to create a simple 6-pack beer package for the Amherst Brewing side of the business that would be sold in-house to drive traffic to The Hangar Pub and Grill. The brewery was acquired by The Hangar in late 2016 and both brands had significant brand equity in the area. The box was to be the jumping off point for the two brands to coexist and inform customers old and new, of the acquisition. After an extensive brand audit, I quickly realized this was going to require more than slick packaging to create the brand relationship the business owners desired. I set out to create a cohesive relationship between the two existing brands that retained their individual names and identities, while bringing them closer together to tell their union story and exist in the same aesthetic sphere.


Amherst Brewing & The Hangar



Art Direction & Design







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